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Motorcylce Training & Tours

You are the one chosing your own path. We help you to conquer every terrain with your bike and to reach your goal.

Our trainings are made for every rider, it doesn‘t matter if you are a beginner or advanced. The main training goal is to improve your own comfort zone away from paved roads, to gain self confidence and riding security but overall to have fun. This happens according to a standardized BWW Motorrad Off-road training plan.

The Enduro Park Isábena offers different trainings and tours. Find the right one for you:

Two-day off-road motorbike training

You‘ll get the right mix of know-how and technique and the necessary control over your bike when you‘re riding off-road! The goal is to improve confidence so in the future difficult situations can be easily mastered. During these 2 days you learn how to move correctly on and especially with your bike. You get a feeling for loose ground and find out how to move forward preventing fatigue. High qualified instructors of BMW Motorrad are there at every moment.



Motorcycle Training & Offroad Riding

Feel the thrill of riding off-road! The combined off-road and riding day is for riders that have off-road experience and that are ready for new challenges. Under the watchful eyes of BMW certified instructors you‘ll improve your technique and also learn how to master demanding terrain. The second day is the highlight, after a round or two at the Enduro Park the real adventure begins and you can show what you learned! Together on gravel roads and single trails we‘ll get into the wild nature of the Spanish Pyrenees..



Individual motorbike training

You set the tone! A customized training for single persons or closed groups. You set the training goal and we help you to reach it. The trainer can focus a 100% on you and this way he guarantees maximum training success. This training is for riders of every riding level and is developed after an intensive preliminary talk and evaluation of your riding. Please contact us directly, so we can discuss the training goal and date.



Offroad riding day

3-2-1-Go! An extra riding day which can be booked additionally to the training. We ride through the whole Isábena valley and its Sierras up to the high Pyrenees. You‘ll apply your off-road skills in front of a breathtaking scenery. Always on your side: our certified instructors. Discover with us the Spanish Pyrenees, we promise you‘ll have a once in a lifetime enduro adventure.



7 days of motorcylce off-road adventure

You don’t just want enduro training but are looking for the ultimate enduro adventure?
There is hardly a better way to get to know the beauty of the Pyrenees than with our 7-day off-road adventure package.



4 days of motorcylce off-road adventure

Ride, ride, and ride. To bring your off-road riding skills to a new level we’ll firstly stay at the Enduro Park Isábena where you will do an intensive training of one and a half days with BMW certified instructors



Motorcycle Travel Workshop

Traveling by motorcycle is the most beautiful thing there is. Maximum freedom and close contact to country and its people. To enjoy the adventure properly, it is important to know what you are doing. In the two-day Motorcycle Travel Workshop, you'll learn how to properly prepare your trip, how to master difficult situations under real conditions, and how to move and ride heavy packed motorcycles in an energy saving way. In addition to the fun you’ll have in this workshop, we also want to dedicate ourselves to your questions.



Trans-Pyrenees Offroad Tour

The ultimate off-road adventure. 1,000 kilometers off-road from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean through the mountains along the border - the Pyrenees. The Pyrenees, a mountain range forming a natural border between France and Spain, are known for their rock formations, snow-capped glacier peaks, endless valleys and their diverse wildlife. Crossing this wonderful area by motorbike on paved roads is already a unique experience.



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