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Enduro Training & Tours in the North of Spain

Enduro Park Isabena

Trainings. Nature. Tour.

In front of you: The vastness of the Spanish Pyrenees – you get on your bike, you hear the soft purr of the engine , you feel endless freedom and you ride, ride with us, with the instructors from Enduro Park Isabena. Offroad: Your journey. Your destination. 100 percent.

From April to October not just the sun shines on the horizon of the Spanish Pyrenees, there‘s also a lot of dust in the air when you conquer the valleys with the newest BMW GS machines. On real terrain. In real nature.

Trainings. Nature. Tour. Enduro Park Isábena.

With 65000 square meters of training ground, the new Enduro Park Isábena provides pure adrenaline and driving pleasure. Located at 750 meters altitude at the southern edge of the Spanish Pyrenees, the idyllich village La Puebla de Roda offers a unique space for practicing: In our Enduro Park you‘ll ride on single trails and through old olive and oak groves, all under natural conditions. You‘ll learn how to cross sandy tracks, creeks and fields of stones, you‘ll confidently leave obstacles behind you and master long rides uphill and downhill that have different gradients.

It doesn‘t matter if it‘s your first time away from paved roads or if cross-country is your favorite terrain, here you‘ll get an optimal, individual and practical training, always according to the highest BMW standards, always with BMW certified instructors. Experience real enduro riding in a controlled environment and make the Enduro Park Isábena to your own playground.

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